David's Catfish House

1296 North Ferdon Blvd

Crestview, Florida


It is with heavy hearts that we write this, but we have made the difficult decision to close our Crestview location indefinitely beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020.


We know that this will not be easy for some to understand, but as a small business owner with 2 locations (Crestview & Andalusia), we are not able to weather this storm and had to make the decision to close our lowest performing restaurant during this time.

Our employees deserve the opportunity to earn some type of income during this hardship and many of them will be able to do so by seeking out other employment opportunities or filing for unemployment, especially our wonderful servers who rely on tips.

We are very appreciative of this community, our employees and the City of Crestview for supporting us these last three years; and with optimistic hearts, we hope that this will not be a permanent closure.

Thank you and we hope to be able to see you at “our house” again very soon.